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About Todd Snively

The Boomerpreneur a/k/a The Grumpy Millionaire

Welcome to Todd Snively’s website. Todd is a seasoned entrepreneur, e-commerce expert, and mentor with a passion for helping others succeed in the online business world. With over two decades of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, Todd has built multiple successful businesses and coached countless individuals to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Expertise and Experience

As the co-founder of Expert University and 7 Figure Automation, Todd has empowered thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to start and scale profitable online businesses through proven strategies and personalized guidance. His expertise spans various aspects of e-commerce, including product sourcing, Amazon FBA, dropshipping, and digital marketing.

Commitment to Success

Todd is renowned for his dynamic teaching style, practical insights, and unwavering commitment to his students’ success. Through his online courses, workshops, and coaching programs, Todd equips individuals with the knowledge, tools, and confidence needed to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Giving Back and Inspiring Others

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Todd is dedicated to giving back to the community and inspiring others to pursue their passions fearlessly. Whether through his educational resources, motivational speaking engagements, or philanthropic initiatives, Todd continues to make a positive impact on the lives of countless aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Connect with Todd Snively

Connect with Todd Snively to embark on your journey to e-commerce success and unlock your full potential in the digital marketplace. Visit https://toddsnively.net to learn more about Todd and his work.